Greek Parliament adopted a law agreed with creditors, introducing a number of austerity measures. Greece felt the shortage of coins.

The law was passed with the votes of 153 deputies in the 300-seat parliament. It sets new salaries in the public sector and allow foreign funds to buy up outstanding debts of enterprises.

Are defined and conditions for the operation of the new fund, which will accumulate the proceeds from privatization.

The law was supported by all members of the control unit of the Coalition of the Radical Left (SYRIZA) and the party "Independent Greeks".

Opposition parties voted against.

Pending tranche

European Working Group will meet today to approve the release of the tranche of 1 billion euros to Greece. A senior eurozone, quoted by Reuters, said Greece was finalized about 50 percent of the prescribed its partners reform.

Lenders were bound leveraging tranches of 13 reform measures that were included in a bill passed last night.

Today it expects the European Working Group to give the green light for the tranche to Friday and one billion euros from the third bailout package to be transferred to Greece. .

Greece concession 14 regional airports. The deal is over 1.2 billion. EUR plus rent each year.

Shortage of coins

Authorities in Greece have asked the European Central Bank to be increased four times the value of the coins, which the country can not go on the market to satisfy the increased demand for euro coins, newspapers reported Athens News Agency reported.

Because of capital controls Greeks discovered the value of the coins. Restrictions on withdrawals of cash appear to have led to a growing demand for iron fumes quantity of the Greek market is considered insufficient.

This year Greece was authorized to issue coins worth 13.3 mln. Euros, but at the request of the Finance Ministry said the European Central Bank increased its ceiling of 52.7 million coins. Euro.

The issuance of the coins is different from placing securities on the market, as coins are the exclusive property of each country.

Due to increased demand for coins such authorization is requested and Belgium, the European Central Bank has allowed the country to increase the issuance of iron money of 0.8 million. 65.8 mln. Euros.